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Webcast Introduces Advanced Planning and Scheduling
Software to Support Lean Manufacturing

Monday, May 19, 2008
Last week, Epicor Software Corp. and MetalForming magazine cooperated to produce a 30-min. webcast titled: Boost Results in Lean Strategies with Advanced Planning and Scheduling. Epicor’s Christine Hansen discussed how best-in-class manufacturers apply state-of-the-art scheduling practices and software to meet tight delivery schedules, while continuing to provide more and more manufacturing operations for their customers. The key, which Christine explains in detail, is maintaining responsiveness and flexibility in scheduling. Other topics presented included managing of multiple constraints for an operation--equipment, tooling and operator; using visual drag-and-drop scheduling techniques; and incorporating material planning into the scheduling process. You can view the webcast, complete with narration and PowerPoint slide show, here:

Prab Acquires Envirodyne Suite of Companies

Friday, May 16, 2008
Prab, Inc., Kalamazoo, MI, along with its sister company Hapman and through its parent company Kalamazoo Acquisition Corp., has acquired Envirodyne Technologies. Envirodyne, also in Kalamazoo, encompasses Kalamazoo Fabricating (KalFab), STC Dip Spin, and The MonlanGroup. KalFab ( is a full-service metal-fabricating facility; STC ( offers painting and coating services; MonlanGRoup ( supplies coolant-recovery and filtration systems. Prab ( supplies scrap-processing and scrap-handling equipment.

Hundred-Yr.-Old Stamper Earns Delphi Supply Award

Wednesday, May 14, 2008
Kickhaefer Manufacturing Co. (KMC), Port Washington, WI, received Delphi Corp.’s 2007 Pinnacle Award for Supplier Excellence, one of only 26 suppliers recognized by Delphi. The awards recognize excellence in quality, cost and delivery, including these specific criteria: zero major disruptions, zero repeat problems, and a single-digit PPM; zero customer impacts for quality; and zero parts on controlled shipping. KMC, founded in 1908, operates a fully loaded pressroom with press capacity to 300 tons, as well as fourslide/multislide machinery. It also provides metal-fabrication capacity with a lineup of press brakes, shears, welding equipment and laser-cutting machines for prototype and short-run parts;


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