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Tube & Sheet Hydroforming Conference

Thursday, May 1, 2003
On June 18-19, Ohio State University’s Engineering Research Center for Net Shape Manufacturing (ERC-NSM) will present Recent Developments in Tube & Sheet Hydroforming 2003. The short course, workshop and conference will be held at the Blackwell Inn in Columbus, OH. The short course will offer fundamentals and applications for sheet and tube hydroforming including discussions on materials, effects of friction, tooling, equipment, product design and process simulation. The workshop and conference will focus on hydroforming case studies, developments in small- and medium-sized presses, new applications and process simulation. Also included is a visit to the ERC-NSM laboratory. For more information or to register, contact Melanie Tvaroch at fax 614/292-7219.

Utah Stamping Adds 400-Ton Press

Thursday, May 1, 2003
Utah Stamping, Clearfield, UT, has installed a Minster 400-ton 120-in.-wide-bed production press and new hydraulic-press equipment for assembly of stamped components. This addition boosts Utah Stamping’s production, prototype and toolroom capabilities, providing press capacity ranging from 45 to 400 tons and allowing greater flexibility in the size and complexity of parts. Along with the capacity expansion. the stamper is upgrading its MRP and 3D CAD computer systems to improve planning, design and machining technologies.

Conference Tackles China Challenge

Wednesday, April 30, 2003
On July 16 in Cleveland, OH, Plante & Moran, along with PMA and several other co-sponsors, hosts a half-day conference: Your China Business Strategy—Pivotal Business Decisions Impacting Middle Market Manufacturers. Panel members will share with attendees their experiences relative to doing business in China. Learn about the expectations made of U.S. suppliers; how middle-market Ohio companies have incorporated China into their business strategies; and how to evaluate business structures in China. For more information and to register, log on to


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