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Niles Expanded Metals Adds Foil Line

Monday, April 03, 2006
Expanded-metal and grating-product manufacturer Niles Expanded Metals & Plastics, Niles, OH, has installed a new expanded-metal line for fabricating precision metal foils. The 16-in.-wide line, from Bender GmbH, Siegen, Germany, can expand, flatten and slit stainless steels and aluminum, titanium and nickel alloys—most any ductile foil material. With its new expanded-foil line, the firm targets customers in the battery, fuel-cell, electronic, medical and automotive industries. Learn more at

Oak Products Allies with Blow Press,
Names New Distributor

Monday, April 03, 2006
Oak Products, Inc., Sturgis, MI, named Eagle Machine Tool Sales, Inc., Grand Rapids, MI, its exclusive distributor within Michigan. Oak, a manufacturer of high-speed presses, also recently formed a strategic alliance with Blow Press, Ltd., Guelph, Ontario, Canada, that reinforces the sales efforts of the two companies by allowing their respective sales networks of dealers, distributors and representatives to actively endorse and support the press technologies of either manufacturer. Learn more at

New Magazine to Address Powder Coating

Friday, March 31, 2006
The Powder Coating Institute (PCI), Alexandria, VA, will soon launch a new magazine titled Powder Coated Tough. It debuts at the Powder Coating 2006 Conference and Trade Show in Indianapolis, IN, September 19-21. PCI is online at


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