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Namasco to Install Fagor Cut-To-Length Line

Monday, April 28, 2003
Namasco Ltd. is enlarging capabilities at its Brantford, Ontario, Canada, service center with the addition of a new cut-to-length line from Fagor Arrasate USA, Inc., Bensenville, IL. The line, which incorporates a Fagor Roto-Oscillating Shear, can operate at speeds to 180 parts/min. It will process coils weighing to 70,000 lb. in widths to 74 in. and in thicknesses to 0.135 in. In addition to rectangles, the shear can produce trapezoids, parallelograms and triangles, and the shear blades can be exchanged with dies that permit production of herringbones and curved shapes.

Government Report Shows
Federal Focus on Tool & Die Issues

Monday, April 28, 2003
Earlier this month, the U.S. Department of Commerce issued a report, upon request from U.S. Rep. Phil English (PA), offering initiatives designed to help resuscitate the domestic tool and die industry. The report offers strategies to increase domestic and export market share through a variety of programs and to address foreign trade practices through bilateral consultation, trade-remedy counseling, and by giving the U.S. tool and die industry a seat at the table during trade-policy formulation. Programs aimed at addressing the industry’s challenges fit into four categories: export promotion programs, company-restructuring assistance programs, export-financing programs and trade-policy input programs. The Department of Commerce has committed to these ideals: · Consummating a formal public-private partnership with the National Tooling and Machining Association and other related trade associations to develop and promote the export of U.S. tool-and-die products and services; · Providing detailed information and analysis on foreign-market conditions and opportunities, industry forecasts, trade data, advocacy assistance and other types of exporting advice; · Hosting a series of export seminars; · Disseminating trade leads, locating foreign customers, distributors and partners, arranging trade events and missions, and arranging U.S. pavilions at foreign tradeshows; · Providing technical assistance to firms in the areas of marketing, financing, production, product development, distribution, management information systems and exporting; · Inviting tool-and-die industry participation in Industry Sector Advisory Committees to develop the industry’s specific positions on U.S. trade policy and negotiation objectives and provide advice to officials in the Department of Commerce and the Office of the U.S. Trade Representative; · Providing petition counseling to help the industry with antidumping and countervailing duty petition concerns.

Materials Conference, Expo Slated for October

Friday, April 25, 2003
ASM International’s Materials Solutions Conference and Exposition will be held October 13-16, in Pittsburgh, PA. Technical programs will cover a host of emerging materials technologies, applications and methods of testing. The exposition will focus on testing equipment with exhibiting companies specializing in materials testing, materials characterization, failure analysis, metals and materials, processing and applications. For more, visit or contact ASM at 440/338-5151 ext. 6.


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