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Hot Off the Press


Precision-Parts Maker Purchased

Thursday, April 18, 2002
Oeuvre Technology, Plymouth, MN, specialists in laser cutting and micro welding of precision metal components for the medical and electronics industry, was purchased by LSA Laser Services and Automation, also of Plymouth, MN. Oeuvre capabilities include welding of round wire as small as 0.002-in. diameter, and welding of thin-walled tubing as thin as 0.0015 in. in diameters to 0.010 in. LSA manufactures laser components, and provides parts used in guidewires, pacing leads, surgical instruments, electrical leads and assemblies.

Arvin Sango Installs Dual-Stacking System

Thursday, April 18, 2002
ne Trail Technologies, Inc., Fort Laramie, OH, has supplied a dual stacking system to automotive-parts stamper Arvin Sango. Installed at the firm’s plant in Madison, IN, the stacker handles parts coming two-out of an Aida 800-ton press at up to 65 strokes/min. The line is being used to run formed parts in bulk and palletized blanks. Continuous-run capability enables it to continue to stack parts while a full pallet of parts indexes onto a powered roller conveyor and is off-loaded by a tow motor. Moveable rails on the pallets accommodate a range of part sizes. Parts can be off-loaded directly from the pallets so that the pallets can remain with the system. Arvin Sango manufactures components for fuel tanks, exhaust systems, instrument-panel beams, door-impact beams and C-Class stampings.

Schuler Awarded Two Major Orders

Wednesday, April 17, 2002
Valued together at $52.5 million (U.S.), Schuler Inc. has received two major orders in Europe for its newly developed compact crossbar transfer press. The first of the new-generation presses will be supplied to the GM/Opel Antwerp plant. Ford will then start production on one of the new crossbar transfer presses at its plant in Saarlouis, Germany.


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