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Jervis B. Webb Acquires AGV Supplier

Thursday, April 13, 2006
Jervis B. Webb Co., Farmington Hills, MI, a provider of material-handling equipment, has acquired Mentor AGVS, Warrensville Heights, OH, a supplier of automatic guided vehicle systems, from Formtek Metal Forming, Inc. The acquisition expands Webb’s product line to include heavy-duty AGVs that transport loads to 100 tons, diesel-electric-powered vehicles and outdoor vehicles. It also enhances Webb’s navigation technology offerings by adding laser guidance to wire- and inertial- guidance systems.

Automotive Coater Under New Ownership

Wednesday, April 12, 2006
Miller Products LLC, Grand Rapids, MI, a coater and painter of metal and plastic Class A automotive surfaces, has been acquired by TMB Industries, Chicago, IL. Michael Stevens, an executive with TMB, which actively acquires, operates and invests in companies, has been appointed president at Miller Products. Previous owner and president John DiMaria will remain in a sales and advisory capacity. High-priority goals for Miller identified by TMB include growth of the company’s presence in the automotive sector, diversification into strategic new industries and various operational improvements through capital investment.

Heattreater Adds Space, Capabilities in Michigan

Tuesday, April 11, 2006
Advanced Heat Treat (AHT) Corp. has doubled the floorspace at its Monroe, MI, facility to accommodate additional equipment that meets growing demand for state-of-the-art ion and gas nitriding as well as ferritic nitrocarburizing services. A new system for gaseous ferritic nitrocarburizing and nitriding is now running, equipped with advanced controls that allow for precise atmosphere adjustment. The system is ideal for treating large quantities of stamped sheet-steel products. Other new equipment includes a large bake stress-relief furnace, sandblasting system and automatic parts washer. For more, visit


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