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Stamped Evening Wear the Latest Fashion Craze?

Monday, April 1, 2002
You’ve heard of metalware. How about metalwear? Eagle-eyed Academy Awards watchers may have noticed something odd about Calista Flockhart’s wardrobe on Oscar night. The diminutive star of Ally McBeal strolled the red carpet sporting a dazzling ensemble—anchored by, of all things, a stamped aluminum pashmina. The article, like a scarf or wrap, is used to provide some warmth in air-conditioned climates. Flockhart, in an interview with Fashion Today magazine, said the garment, from Vera Wang, includes strategically placed hinges and smoothed edges for added comfort. The TV star donned the pashmina to “try something new and different. Metalwear is really catching on,” she said. Though too new to be considered a trend, increased popularity in metalwear may open new doors for metalformers. But technical issues abound. For example, weight is an impediment, as full-length dresses would tax most high-society wearers. Perforated metal may be an answer. Also, special, flexible coatings might be needed for all-weather protection, though stainless steel, titanium or aluminum alloys could fit the bill. In any case, don’t look for full-metal gowns anytime soon, however. FEA simulation has shown that deep-draw forming requirements for stars like Arnold Schwarzenegger or Dolly Parton put too much stress on thin metals.

Oh, one more thing…Happy April Fool’s Day from the staff of MetalForming.

Henry & Wright Moves in with Brandes Press

Friday, March 29, 2002
A manufacturer of underdrive mechanical stamping presses since 1918, Henry & Wright Corp. has relocated its factory to the modern manufacturing facility of Brandes Press Company and Brandes Controls Company, in Cleveland, OH. Under one roof, Henry & Wright can now provide spare parts for its machines; rebuild stamping presses, forging machines and mechanical metalworking equipment; manufacture electronic press controls; sell used equipment; provide machining, inspection and disassembly services; and dispatch emergency repair crews to metalforming plants. Visit the firm online at

Sutherland Installs Five Hydraulic Presses
at PGAM--Michigan

Thursday, March 28, 2002
Rated individually at 500, 800, 1000, 1500 and 2000 ton capacity, a set of five large hydraulic presses supplied by Sutherland Presses, El Segundo, CA, has been installed at PGAM-Michigan, Auburn Hills. The presses serve as the backbone for major body-in-white manufacturers, inner and outer skins, and for automotive design, prototype and short-run work. Accompanying each press are rolling bolsters with telescopic cushion pin pad protectors, and programmable hydraulic die cushions. Included with the installation is setup of a common press maintenance center that includes all hydraulic cooling lines, filtration systems, pilot pumps and cushion pumps. The installation was turnkey--Sutherland provided foundation preparation, transportation, and line rigging and startup.


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