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Steel Dynamics Partners with Kobe Steel in Minnesota

Tuesday, March 6, 2007
A new $235 million iron-making plant may soon be coming to Minnesota, courtesy of flat-rolled steel supplier Steel Dynamics Inc., Fort ne, IN, which has agreed to partner with Kobe Steel on the project. The proposed Mesabi Nugget plant in the Hoyt Lakes region of Minnesota hinges on obtaining financing, including economic development assistance from the state government, according to an AP report. Mesabi Nugget, according to its website, is a leader in the development and commercialization of the ITmk3 iron nugget process, a proprietary process developed by Kobe Steel. The process turns Mesabi iron-ore concentrate into iron nuggets that are 97-percent metallic iron, compared to 65-percent iron in the form of oxide for a taconite pellet.

Seyi Enhances Online Presence

Monday, March 5, 2007
Seyi Presses, a subsidiary of Shieh Yih Machinery Industry Co., Ltd, Taiwan’s largest publicly traded press builder, has launched a redesigned website: The site offers downloadable information related to products and services, for customer and dealer inquiries. Information includes technical data, machine specifications and electronic brochures highlighting features and benefits of each product. In addition, the website provides a list of distributors worldwide that includes a direct link to each distributor’s website, providing contact information for regional Seyi sales and service support. Future web site enhancements will include mechanical drawings, spare-parts lists and short video clips highlighting equipment in production environments.

Joint Venture to Serve India’s Needs for Fasteners

Thursday, March 1, 2007
Continental/Midland, LLC, Park Forest, IL, and its affiliates Jacobson Mfg, Medina, OH, MSD Stamping, Livonia, MI, and Minuteman Distribution, Millersport, OH, have agreed to form a joint venture with Right Tight Fasteners of Nasik, India, to produce and market engineered fasteners and components. The alliance is being formed primarily to supply the Indian and global automotive industry. RTF will position the venture to Indian and global OEMs as a one-stop shop for fastening solutions, joining American processes, world-class technology and low-cost manufacturing. Continental/Midland, LLC manufactures cold-headed and roll-threaded automotive-grade fasteners. Jacobson Mfg. produces standard and custom-designed threaded and non-threaded components. MSD Stamping specializes in metal stamping, nut insertion clips, wireforming, fasteners, and staking of automotive-grade assemblies. Minuteman Distribution distributes fasteners. Learn more at


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