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Dayton Progress Earns Quality Recognition

Friday, March 5, 2010
Quality Magazine named Dayton Progress, Dayton, OH, to its Quality Leadership 100 list of companies for 2010. The company manufactures punches, ball-lock punches, retainers, die buttons and die springs. The magazine surveyed companies on criteria such as scrap and rework as a percentage of sales, warranty costs as a percentage of sales, and rejected parts per million shipped. Read the article here; Dayton Progress is online at

Little Rock Tube Company Expands its Footprint

Wednesday, March 3, 2010
Welspun Tubular LLC, Little Rock, AR, has acquired the 44-acre Little Rock site formerly owned by Wheatland Tube Co.. The site features a 350,000-sq.-ft. building that Welspun will use to store material for its spiral weld large-diameter pipe and coating facility.

New Website is All About Magnetics

Tuesday, March 2, 2010
Storch Magnetics, Livonia, MI, has updated its website to make it a one-stop source for information on all types of magnetic equipment—steel-hinge belt conveyors, magnetic-slide conveyors, scrap shakers, magnetic die clamping, skate rails, lifts and sheet fanners, magnetic sweepers and magnetic products for lifting, holding, filtering, separating and automation. Visit the site,, to view informative articles and order products.


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