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Detroit Skilled-Worker Staffing Agency
Expands its Reach

Friday, March 27, 2009
Diversified Industrial Staffing, Troy, MI, which provides skilled workers including CNC programmers, machinists and certified welders, has announced a plan to bring its services to markets all over the United States. Included in its list of new markets: Atlanta, Baltimore, Boston, Los Angeles, Philadelphia, Minneapolis, Nashville and St. Louis. The company provides employers with qualified candidates who have undergone resume, reference and criminal-background checks, and have taken drug tests;

Website a Resource for Owners of
Bliss, Clearing and Niagara Presses

Thursday, March 26, 2009
BCN Technical Services, Hastings, MI, has launched a new website designed to help customers quickly identify and obtain the parts and services they need to keep their presses running, restore them to original-equipment specifications or upgrade them for improved performance. BCN offers genuine OEM parts and engineering drawings for Bliss, Clearing and Niagara, as well as for USI, Toledo, Consolidated Press and Wilkins & Mitchell. The new website:

Canadian Machinery Builder Expands

Wednesday, March 25, 2009
Burlington Automation, Burlington, Ontario, Canada, a designer and builder of automatic CNC metal-fabricating equipment, tube-finishing equipment and material-handling systems, has moved to a larger facility. With 30 percent more space then its previous location, the firm also enjoys higher crane capacity and a new demonstration and testing center. Learn more at


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