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On Location at METALFORM

Monday, March 26, 2007
Our editors are hard at work at METALFORM this week, walking the aisles so that we can bring you the latest and greatest products being introduced there to help metalformers improve productivity, quality and safety. We'll be back Thursday, March 29, with more Hot off the Press late-breaking metalforming-industry news.

Robotic Arc-Welding Workshop, June 14-15

Friday, March 23, 2007
Pack your bags for Fort Collins, CO, home of Rimrock-Wolf Robotics, for a 1.5-day workshop covering best practices for the implementation of robotic gas-metal-arc-welding systems and weld-process controls. Presented by renowned arc-welding expert Ed Craig (, the workshop will present tips on how to attain minimum robotic-weld rework, optimize productivity and reduce corporate weld-liability concerns. Its target audience‚ÄĒmanagers, engineers, designers, technicians, and maintenance and quality-control personnel. Price: $885. To register, call 828/658-3574.

Black Bros. Co. Launches Enriched Website

Friday, March 23, 2007
The newly designed website of Black Bros. Co., Mendota, IL, offers a bevy of user-friendly navigation mechanisms to help users learn all about the 125-yr.-old supplier of roll-coating and laminating machines, used in a variety of applications. Log on to to check it out.


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