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Formtek Launches a Pair of Metalforming Websites

Tuesday, March 23, 2010
Two Formtek companies have launched new websites developed to help metalforming companies find solutions to their production challenges. Hill Engineering, a manufacturer of high-speed rotary punching machines, has created, illustrating applications for the rotary-punching process; and Lockformer, a provider of fabrication machinery for the HVAC industry, has launched, illustrating how rollforming can outperform other light-gauge metal-fabrication processes, such as press-brake bending and turret-press operations, in some applications.

Washington Fab Shop Welcomes Big-Time Press Brake

Monday, March 22, 2010
K & K Industries, Inc., Bellingham, WA, has acquired a 12-ft. by 230-ton-capacity press brake, a Cincinnati Maxform model equipped with a five-axis backgauge. The brake nearly quadruples the firm’s capacity compared to its existing 6-ft. by 60-ton press brake, and boasts a 29-in. open height and 22-in. stroke. Learn more about K & K—specialists in laser and router cutting--at

Toyotomi America Adds 400-ton Blanking Line

Monday, March 22, 2010
Coe Press Equipment, Sterling Heights, MI, has shipped and commissioned a completely integrated blanking line to the automotive-stamping plant of Toyotomi America in Springfield, KY. The line features a 400-ton Aida press with a heavy-duty servo-roll feed, a threading table designed for a 12-ft.-long loop pit, a precision straightener with a 40-hp drive and peeler-threader holddown station for hands-free threading. Also included is a coil reel and coil car. The line can process material to 90-ksi yield strength, to 0.1 in. thick by 48 in. wide, at speeds to 150 ft./min. Learn more at


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