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Robotic Arc-Welding Workshop, June 14-15

Friday, March 23, 2007
Pack your bags for Fort Collins, CO, home of Rimrock-Wolf Robotics, for a 1.5-day workshop covering best practices for the implementation of robotic gas-metal-arc-welding systems and weld-process controls. Presented by renowned arc-welding expert Ed Craig (, the workshop will present tips on how to attain minimum robotic-weld rework, optimize productivity and reduce corporate weld-liability concerns. Its target audience‚ÄĒmanagers, engineers, designers, technicians, and maintenance and quality-control personnel. Price: $885. To register, call 828/658-3574.

Black Bros. Co. Launches Enriched Website

Friday, March 23, 2007
The newly designed website of Black Bros. Co., Mendota, IL, offers a bevy of user-friendly navigation mechanisms to help users learn all about the 125-yr.-old supplier of roll-coating and laminating machines, used in a variety of applications. Log on to to check it out.

Online Demonstration of Die-Design Software

Thursday, March 22, 2007
On Thursday, March 22, Cimatron, Novi, MI, offered an online demonstration of its new progressive-die-design software, CimatronE DieDesign. The software includes a powerful toolset, flexible automation and easy-to-master interface, says the firm. It allows complete processing from quoting to strip design to production.


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