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Ulbrich Stainless Opens Web-Based Coil Store

Thursday, March 21, 2002
A new online service from Ulbrich Stainless Steels, North Haven, CT, allows potential buyers to shop the company’s large inventory of pre-slit coils of stainless steel and other superalloy strip products. To browse the firm’s inventory of more than 6000 pre-slit prefinished coils, log on to The site houses information on physical properties, coil weights and prices. Buy on account if you’re a current customer, or use a credit card. Coils ship from the nearest service center with availability (North Haven, CT, Chicago, IL, Norcross, GA, or Fresno, CA). Ulbrich can also accommodate buyers that need additional processing, such as slitting to a narrower width or rerolling to a specified gauge and temper.

Braner Sells Multi-Blanking Line to J&F

Wednesday, March 20, 2002
J&F Steel Corp., Burns Harbor, IN, will soon receive a new multi-blanking line to be designed, manufactured and installed by Braner USA, Inc., Schiller Park, IL. The 72- by 0.015- by 0.125-in. line, rated to 300 FPM, will include a programmable slitter with automatic hands-off setup capability, a shape-correction cassette-type leveler equipped with two interchangeable six-high work-roll cassettes and a power cassette opener for easy maintenance and on-the-fly blank-reject capability. Read more about Braner coil-processing systems at

Australia Mostly Exempt from New Steel Tariffs

Wednesday, March 20, 2002
Most--85 percent--of Australian steel exports to the United States will not be affected by the new U.S. steel tariffs, due to recent negotiations between Australia Prime Minister John Howard and the U.S. administration. Australia exports 880,000 tons of steel to the United States each year.


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