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Saginaw Products Changes Name to Cignys

Tuesday, March 18, 2003
Cignys is the new name for the former Saginaw Products Corp., Saginaw, MI, a designer, manufacturer and distributor of products and services to aerospace, automotive and other markets. Products include material-handling equipment, prototype stampings and tooling, special machines, custom machine components, ground-support equipment for the aerospace industry, special military products and wear materials for the extrusion and casting industries. Company subsidiaries including Shear Tool, Shields Manufacturing, Saginaw Caster & Wheel and U.K.-based Aims Ltd. will operate under the Cignys name.

Ontario Announces Five-Year
Investment in Auto Sector

Tuesday, March 18, 2003
The government of Ontario, Canada, announced it will invest $625 million over five years in the auto sector. The investment, reported by the Toronto Globe and Mail, is designed to create jobs and make development and training money more available to those in the industry. The investment comes as automakers claim that government monies and support are needed to keep future auto projects in Ontario and other provinces. For example, DaimlerChrysler officials say the carmaker wants to build a new assembly plant in Ontario, but may instead opt for Mexico should agreements not be reached with Canadian governments and suppliers.

Laser Shipments Down in 2002

Monday, March 17, 2003
Shipments of industrial laser equipment and systems for North America and for export from the United States totaled $422.8 million in 2002, down 15 percent from 2001 levels. That’s the word from the Laser Systems Product Group of AMT—The Association for Manufacturing Technology. Shipments within North America by 43 companies reporting to the group totaled $311.2 million in 2002 while exports totaled $111.5 million. The group found that shipments of CO2 laser systems remained level last year while shipments of Nd:YAG lasers dropped 30 percent. Other findings: Cutting applications accounted for more than half of all shipments while more than 80 percent of total shipments were configured as laser systems (laser source and workstation). For more, visit


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