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Techni Waterjet Offers Tech Support
to Calypso Machine Owners

Monday, March 16, 2009
Waterjet-cutting application experts Techni Waterjet, Lenexa, KS, has hired Chris McKinney, formerly sales manager for Calypso Waterjet, in order to begin offering technical assistance to all metalforming companies operating Calypso machines. Techni Waterjet’s services include application development and assistance with machine operation, maintenance and programming, as well as replacement parts for all high-pressure components and cutting tables. In addition to hiring McKinney, Techni Waterjet hired Calypso’s top service technician, and has contracted with its lead customer training and application specialist. Learn more at

Oregon to Welcome Pallet-Manufacturing Facility

Monday, March 16, 2009
GreenLight Pallet Co. LLC, Portland, OR, announced plans to move its pallet-manufacturing equipment from production facilities in Korea and Spain to a manufacturing plant in Oregon. The move is expected to pour as much as $250 million into Oregon’s economy. GreenLight markets the Unipal corrugated pallet that it says weighs one-fourth that of a wood pallet, repels water, can be made from 100-percent recycled cardboard and is 100-percent recyclable;

Orchid Doubles the Size of its Mexican Facility

Friday, March 13, 2009
Orchid International, Brentwood, TN, has moved its Monterrey, Mexico-based aluminum die-casting operation into a new 62,000-sq.-ft. facility in nearby Apodaca. The new facility more than doubles the company’s manufacturing floor space from its original facility, which Orchid acquired from Hawk Motors in November 2006. The Orchid die-casting plant ships more than 80,000 aluminum die-cast electric-motor rotors per week, and the company is considering adding general stamping and assembly to its new and larger facility. Learn more at


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