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AMT and AMTDA Merge

Monday, March 12, 2012
AMT--The Association for Manufacturing Technology and AMTDA (the American Machine Tool Distributors' Association) have merged, integrating their products and services out of AMT’s headquarters in McLean, VA. All AMTDA employees will immediately join the new AMT. "It has als been our goal to find better s to serve the manufacturing industry," says AMT president Douglas K. Woods. "This process, upon which we embarked 2 yr. ago, is a natural partnership that will help both organizations as we seek to advance manufacturing in the United States."
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Deep-Draw Stamper Allies with Chicago Rep Firm to Market in the Midwest

Thursday, March 8, 2012
ITW Sexton, Decatur, AL, a manufacturer of aerosol cans, filter and capacitor shells and other deep-drawn stamped parts, has formed a strategic alliance with Whitaker and Associates, a Chicago-area manufacturer’s rep firm. Whitaker will work to develop new markets throughout the Midwest for stampings produced at ITW Sexton’s plant in Martinsburg, WV;

Welding Certifications Open Doors for SoCal Fabricator

Wednesday, March 7, 2012
Airtronics Metal Products (AMP), San Jose, CA, has earned new American Welding Society (AWS) and military-standard (Mil-Spec) welding certifications, and expects the certifications to trigger customer activity in the aerospace industry. As an example, AMP recently was audited by Lockheed Martin and approved as a third-tier supplier to manufacture and weld Lockheed parts. AMP also has begun the certification process toward achieving AS9001 registration;


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