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A Reshoring Initiative Comes Ashore in Illinois

Wednesday, February 9, 2011
Join with other manufacturers in the five-step program that is the Illinois Reshoring Initiative, launched recently to help large manufacturers and their local suppliers understand the total profit-and-loss impact of offshoring, and the benefits that can be realized from the reshoring of production. The program leaves the dock March 16, 2011, with a conference titled Rethinking the Total Cost of Offshoring. Venue: the Wojcik Center in Palatine, IL, 7:45-11 a.m. Speakers include Peter Perez, Deputy Assistant Secretary for Manufacturing, U.S. Dept. of Commerce International Trade Administration; and Harry Moser, founder of the national Reshoring Initiative, who will unveil his proprietary software called the Total Cost of Ownership Estimator. Learn more and register to attend the conference here..

2010 an Excellent Year for Robotics Companies

Wednesday, February 9, 2011
In 2010, North American robotics companies posted their best sales year since 2007, according to statistics from the Robotic Industries Association (RIA), Ann Arbor, MI. Compared to 2009, unit orders from North American customers in 2010 climbed by 39 percent at a 49-percent increase in dollar value. Include orders from offshore customers and the numbers are even more impressive—a 52-percent jump in units and a 58-percent increase in value. Automotive-industry orders climbed by 34 percent over 2009 figures, and accounted for 51 percent of North American orders in 2010, while nonautomotive orders climbed by 46 percent, fueled in part by huge gains from the metalworking sector--up 90 percent. More at

Windy City to Welcome
Wintriss Die Protection Clinic

Monday, February 7, 2011
Die protection and sensor selection are on the agenda when Wintriss Controls Group holds its Die Protection Clinic April 5, 2011, at the Holiday Inn in Elk Grove Village, IL. Presentations are aimed at experienced die-protection users as well as metalforming professionals just starting a sensor program. The goal is the same for both types of users—make die crashes a thing of the past. Attendees will learn how to apply in-die technology to sense for non-ejected parts, feed problems, part transfer, stripper position, slug ejection, cam return and double blanks, among other applications. The price of admission ($95) includes a copy of The Wintriss Die Protection Handbook. Learn more and register to attend here.


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