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Western Michigan Stamper Comes to Toyota’s Rescue

Friday, February 5, 2010
GR Spring & Stamping, Grand Rapids, MI, a longtime Toyota supplier, has been selected as the supplier to produce the stainless-steel reinforcement shims to repair Toyota’s North American vehicles subjected to the gas-pedal recall. The recall affects 4.2 million vehicles worldwide and 2.3 million in the United States. GR Spring & Stamping is a four-time recipient of Toyota’s Supplier Achievement award for quality and delivery;

Stamtec Connects with Link Systems

Friday, February 5, 2010
Press builder Stamtec, Inc., Manchester, TN, announced that its presses will now include the Link Systems’ Omnilink 5100-MPC press control as standard equipment. The control features a color touchscreen and displays all system information in English or Spanish. Its enhanced diagnostics capabilities include 64 control inputs, programmable limit switch outputs, and output relays configurable for several functions. Stamtec also can retrofit its existing presses with the Omnilink control;

Olson Intl. Monterrey Rewarded for QDC Project

Thursday, February 4, 2010
Airbag safety-system manufacturer TK Holdings selected metalformer Olson International Monterrey as the winner of its supplier-development award called Quality Circles for Suppliers, Supplier Development Project. The award recognized the 45,000-sq.-ft. Monterrey facility, an operating unit of IMS Buhrke-Olson, for design and implementation of a new quick-die-change (QDC) procedure for a 200-ton press. As a result of the project, die-change time dropped from nearly 2 hr. to a scant 50 min., and the team is hard at work with the intention of attaining 30-min. changeovers. IMS-Burke-Olson also operates manufacturing plants in Arlington Heights, IL, and in Matamoros and Monclova, Mexico;


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