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eBay Offers Metalworking Equipment

Tuesday, February 4, 2003
eBay has launched an online marketplace ideal for small metalworking shops. EBay Business, accessed at, offers more than 500,000 listings for business items for sale across thousands of categories, including metalworking, which resides in the industrial-equipment section of the site. In this category, users can find machine tools and machine-tool components, fabrication machinery, inspection and measurement equipment, cutting tools, and welding equipment and supplies. Currently, the category has more than 18,000 listings and conducts more than 10,000 transactions per week. According to site officials, a piece of welding equipment is sold every 11 min., while a machine tool is sold every 33 min.

AZ Automotive Adds Coil-Feed Line

Tuesday, February 4, 2003
AZ Automotive, Centerline, MI, has added a fully integrated 72-in.-wide-capacity coil-feed line, supplied by Coe Press Equipment Corp., Sterling Heights, MI. The line features a servo roll feed that can process material to 0.125 in. thick. Also included is a power straightener equipped with #3 matte chrome upper and lower entrance pinch rolls and a 30-hp AC variable-speed drive, as well as a threading table and stationary coil reel that can handle coil weights to 40,000 lb. The reel is integrated with a hydraulic traveling coil car for staging and loading. For more, visit

Metaldyne Supplying Tubes
to Visteon for Late-2002 Vehicles

Monday, February 3, 2003
The Metaldyne Tubular Products facility in Hamburg, MI, has begun supplying exhaust components to Visteon Corp. for late-2002 model year Ford Taurus and Mercury Sable vehicles. Specifically, it’s manufacturing Y pipes and outlet and inlet pipes.


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