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Precision Deep-Draw Stamping
Stars on New Website

Thursday, February 3, 2011
ITW Highland Manufacturing, Waterbury, CT, has developed a new website ( depicting its ability to provide design and prototyping services, tooling production and secondary operations in support of its deep-draw stamping operations. The site defines tolerances for part sizes, material thicknesses, lengths, true position, diameter-to-length ratios and more. Also described are process variations including threading, beading, reverse-draw, side piercing, necking, bulging and marking. Photos illustrate the complete capabilities of the firm’s 150,000-sq.-ft. facility.

Lincoln Electric Acquires Arc Products

Thursday, February 3, 2011
Southern-California-based Arc Products, a manufacturer of orbital-welding systems and welding-automation products for welding pipe and tube, has been acquired by Lincoln Electric Holdings, Inc., Cleveland, OH. “Orbital welding is one of the fastest growing segments of our industry,” says Lincoln Electric chairman and CEO John Stropki, who also notes that the Arc Products product line married to Lincoln Electric’s welding-power-supply technology and its applications-engineering expertise will “allow us to quickly build a global leadership position in this important segment.” More at

Coil-Processing Seminar
Slated for Minneapolis in April

Tuesday, February 1, 2011
Red Bud Industries, Red Bud, IL, will host a coil-processing seminar at the Minneapolis Airport Marriott on April 5, 2011. Attendees will learn about blanking, multiblanking, leveling and slitting. Also on the agenda: the new EPS process (Eco-Picked Surface) for hot-rolled black strip, designed to replace acid-picked strip steel. According to the EPS website (, EPS-processed steel “is dry, remarkably clean and very uniform across its surface.” Among the payback for fabricators: “In controlled laser-cutting tests,” the website says, “EPS dry (no oil) achieved 62-percent speed increase over the best P & O cutting speed.” Seminar attendees also will tour Olympic Steel, Plymouth, MN, and view a Red Bud cut-to-length line in action. Learn more at


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