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Low-EAU Part Better Off
Fabricated than Stamped

Monday, February 28, 2011
Claiming the project to be the “first fruits of its new fabrication department,” Ultra Tool & Manufacturing, Menomonee Falls, WI, recently saved a customer more than $120,000 in up-front tooling costs to produce a low-EAU (estimated annual usage) part. The part in question: a hydraulic pump-bracket assembly for the Nissan Murano convertible. Progressive dies needed to stamp the assembly’s three parts would have cost $138,000, a hefty up-front investment for an EAU of only 6000.
Instead, Ultra Tool manufactured the parts in its newly fabrication department, boasting a Salvagnini L1Ce fiber-laser cutting machine, and a Durma 150-ton CNC press brake.
“Typically we look for a maximum 2-yr. payback to justify progressive tooling,” says Matt Schemelin, an Ultra Tool sales engineer. “With such a low EAU, payback for the progressive tooling for this job would have taken more than 8 yr.”
Ultra Tool added its fabrication department during the summer of 2010 to accommodate lower volume orders. Its Salvagnini laser-cutting machine boasts a 60- by 120-in. worktable, 3000-W laser and positioning tolerance of plus or minus 0.0004 in. Cutting capacity in steel is 0.70 in., 0.312 in. for stainless steel. The Durma press brake offers a maximum bending length of 120 in., throat depth of 16.1 in. and a 14-in. stroke.
Learn more about the Ultra Tool fabrication department at

Seminar: OSHA Requirements
for Power Presses and Press Brakes

Friday, February 25, 2011
Link Systems, Nashville, TN, will host a series of free, comprehensive three-day seminars explaining the what, why and how of OSHA requirements for mechanical power presses and press brakes. On the agenda: the rationale behind the standards, methods to achieve compliance, and the advantages and disadvantages of compliance methods relative to initial cost. Seminar dates: March 21-23, May 16-18, July 11-13, September 12-14 and October 10-12. Visit for more information—click on the OSHA Seminar button.

Yarde Metals Expanding
Connecticut Home Base

Wednesday, February 23, 2011
A 150,000-sq.-ft. expansion is under construction at the corporate headquarters of metals service center Yarde Metals, Inc., in Southington, CT. The addition, slated for completion this spring, will house a Herr-Voss cut-to-length line rated for coils to 50,000 lb., of stock to ¼ in. thick by 72 in. wide, and equipped with PVC and paper interleaving equipment. Sharing the addition will be three shears and a 4-million-lb.-capacity sheet-racking system. Yarde Metals operates 17 branch locations throughout the United States;


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