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China Leads Again in Machine-Tool Consumption

Thursday, February 26, 2004
In 2002, China jumped from fourth to first in the world in machine-tool consumption, and it retains that spot in 2003. That’s according to 2004 World Machine Tool Output & Consumption Survey, from Gardner Publications, Inc. Chinese consumption rose 27 percent in 2003 as that country acquired an estimated $6.5 billion worth of machine tools. Most other countries stayed level, with Asian manufacturing economies seeing increases. Beginning in 1993, the United States had led in consumption every year until it experienced a 23-percent decline in 2001, followed by a 36-percent drop in 2002 and only a 1-percent gain in 2003, placing it fourth on the list. Regarding machine-tool output, Japan led in 2003 with total production of $7.7 billion, edging out Germany. The United States placed fifth, behind China.

Specialty-Steel Imports Off in 2003

Wednesday, February 25, 2004
The Specialty Steel Industry of North America, Washington, D.C., has released statistics covering U.S. imports, consumption and market penetration for January-November 2003. Imports of specialty steel (stainless steel, alloy tool steel and electrical steel) decreased by one percent, to nearly 611,000 tons, compared to the same 2002 period. Concurrently, total specialty-steel consumption in the United States dropped by two percent for the year, meaning that import penetration increased by one percentage point, to 26 percent year on year. For stainless-steel, imports dropped by 7 percent, domestic consumption dropped by two percent, and import penetration dropped by two percent.

Linear Transfer Open House Reveals a Market Uptick

Tuesday, February 24, 2004
When MetalForming magazine visited the recent open house hosted by Linear Transfer Systems, Barrie, Ontario, Canada, on Feb 2, we saw plenty of action, as technicians readied several systems for first-quarter shipment. On the shop floor: a pair of MD-Class Titan Series heavy-duty servo-transfer systems (payload capacity of over 1200 lb.); a blank feeder headed to the Dana Corp. plant in Longview, TX; a stand-alone LTF magnetic conveyor destack feeder headed to the Trim Trends Canada Ltd. Plant in Dundalk, Ontario, Canada; a walking-beam tandem line with a pair of W-Class through-the-window transfer systems for Deco Automotive in Rexdale, Ontario, Canada; an FR-Class front-and-rear transfer system (that includes an automated bar-change system) and a magnetic conveyor/blank feeder rated to 30 strokes/min. for Marwood Metal Fabrication in Tillsonburg, Ontario, Canada,; and an MD-Class Titan Series transfer system for Autotek Industrial de Mexico in Puebla, Mexico.


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