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Website Features In-Die Tapping Heads

Tuesday, February 26, 2002
Hutchison Tool Sales, Bensenville, IL, has added in-depth technical information on in-die tapping heads to its website. New information on the site includes downloadable CAD files, technical design instruction, tapped-hole size information, stripper travel requirements and recommended tap-speed data. Find it all at

Robot Sales Off in 2001

Tuesday, February 26, 2002
No surprise here: the North American robotics market fell 30 percent in 2001, affected by the U.S. recession just as were other capital-equipment markets. New year-end statistics from the Robotic Indutries Association (RIA), Ann Arbor, MI, show that North American customers ordered nearly 9000 robots last year valued at $680 million. Add to this the 779 robots (valued at $52 million) shipped oversaes and North American robotics manufacturers experienced an overall decline in unit sales of 32 percent, and 34 percent in dollars. A positive note: fourth-quarter sales jumped 20 percent over third-quarter sales. How many robots now work in U.S. factories, you ask? RIA estimates that number to be around 118,000, making the United States the world's second largest robotics user, trailing Japan.

L.A. Welcomes New Laser Tech Center

Monday, February 25, 2002
Bystronic Inc., Hauppauge, NY, announced the opening of a new regional technical center near Los Angeles, CA, to serve the needs of its laser-cutting customers in the western United States. The center houses laser machinery for product demonstrations, applications assistance and training programs, and will hold software programming classes, presented in English or Spanish. The center is a cooperative venture between Bystronic and its southwest representative Precision Fabricating Systems, Inc. Learn more about Bystronic laser-cutting machinery, automated material-handling and storage/retrieval systems at


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