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Upgraded Website Details Wire-, Sheet-Processing Technology

Wednesday, February 20, 2002
TAK Enterprises has upgraded its website,, to provide detailed information on equipment and systems for the linear-material-processing industry. The improved site offers technical articles, application charts, component specifications, drawings, FAQs and available four-slide training courses. Also offered are details on precision wire/strip straighteners, wire payoffs, four-slide accessories, precision feed and cutoff systems, and other products such as oilers and replacement bearings.

Hydraulic Institute Debuts Online Pumps Forum

Wednesday, February 20, 2002
The Hydraulic Institute, to facilitate information-exchange pertaining to industrial pump-related topics, has established an online technical forum at For more information, log on to the site. Site visitors also can sign the Guest Book, allowing them to receive notices on new pump standards, energy-saving tips and educational-offering updates.

Faro Acquires Laser-Tracker Maker

Tuesday, February 19, 2002
Faro Technologies, Inc., Lake Mary, FL, which provides computer-aided-manufacturing software and products, has acquired SpatialMetrix Corp. (SMX), Kennett Square, PA, a supplier of laser trackers, metrology software and contract inspection services. SMX recently developed a new laser-tracker, which is of particular interest to Faro officials. “The laser tracker is a high-accuracy portable 3D measurement technology with a range of more than 100 feet,” explained Simon Raab, Faro president and CEO. “When combined with Faro’s conventional control station with FaroArm, it results in a portable product line capable of handling virtually any manufacturing measurement challenge.” In 2001, SMX realized 75 percent of its sales within the United States. With the acquisition, Faro expects increased sales of SMX products and services on the world market through Faro’s existing sales channels in Europe and Asia. For more on the acquisition and the products involved, visit


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