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GSI Lumonics Upgrades Website

Monday, February 16, 2004
GSI Lumonics Inc. has launched an improved version of its website,, organized around the company’s core product offerings: components, lasers, and laser-based manufacturing systems. The redesigned site offers improved access to information about the company, its products and their applications. The site makes use of context-sensitive menus to guide visitors and offers enhanced abilities for users to contact GSI Lumonics for assistance. In addition, the investor-relations portion of the site has been expanded to include news releases, annual reports, detailed stock information and investor FAQs.

Fagor Supplies Slitting Line to Holland Metalformer

Monday, February 16, 2004
Fagor Arrasate, with U.S. headquarters in Bensenville, IL, has installed a new slitting line in Holland for Dingemans, a manufacturer of metal-building and construction components. The line can process cold-rolled steel in widths to 1600 mm and thicknesses to 3 mm. Maximum coil weight is 25,000 kg with line speed topping out at 250 m/min. The line has high-strength-steel processing capability and includes a two-coil movable storage system, a coil car, an electrically powered uncoiler, peeler, automatic coil feeding, a peeler, pinch rolls, a high-capacity slitter able to cut 30 strips simultaneously, triple-effect movable tensioning device, recoiler with outboard bearing, exit coil car with 'piano' system for extracting coils without banding and exit turnstile. The line also has a slitter quick-change tooling system. Additional systems allow for the quick change of separators in the tensioning device and the recoiler. A central computer controls all line operations and is backed by an automatic, intelligent diagnosis system.

Heavy-Metal Stamper Expands in Mississippi

Friday, February 13, 2004
TKA Fabco, Windsor, Ontario, Canada, has nearly wrapped up expansion of its plant in Shannon, MS. The firm has spent $26 million to add 52,500 sq.ft. of floor space to its original 47,500-sq.-ft. facility. TKA Fabco, a division of German steelmaker and engineering firm ThyssenKrupp AG, supplies the automotive industry with medium and heavy stampings and modular and welded assemblies, including body underframes, side-impact beams and hydroformed parts.


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