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Heavy-Metal Stamper Expands in Mississippi

Friday, February 13, 2004
TKA Fabco, Windsor, Ontario, Canada, has nearly wrapped up expansion of its plant in Shannon, MS. The firm has spent $26 million to add 52,500 sq.ft. of floor space to its original 47,500-sq.-ft. facility. TKA Fabco, a division of German steelmaker and engineering firm ThyssenKrupp AG, supplies the automotive industry with medium and heavy stampings and modular and welded assemblies, including body underframes, side-impact beams and hydroformed parts.

Cognex Hosts Free Machine-Vision-System Seminars

Friday, February 13, 2004
Cognex Corp., Natick, MA, a supplier of machine vision systems and vision sensors, is hosting a new series of free machine-vision seminars. The Understanding and Applying Machine Vision Sensors half-day events show how vision sensors can perform automated inspection tasks in the automotive, medical, pharmaceutical, food and beverage, consumer products and electronics industries. Designed as an introduction for factory automation professionals responsible for production efficiency and product quality, each seminar combines a machine-vision basics tutorial with live vision-sensor demonstrations. The tutorial covers how vision sensors work in manufacturing applications to accurately gauge, guide, identify and inspect products in order to reduce scrap costs, inventory problems and achieve a high level of product quality. In addition to walking a with an understanding of the fundamentals of implementing a successful vision solution, participants will receive free In-Sight Explorer trial software on a CD, which provides hands-on experience developing vision applications from start to finish. The CD also includes application examples, preliminary design considerations, a multi-media tutorial on building vision applications, lighting and optics videos, and a utility package that helps determine the field of view and resolution requirements of vision applications. The seminars will run from February through June in major cities across the United States and Canada. Register for a seminar online at or call 800/677-2646.

Tower Moving from Milwaukee to Mexico

Thursday, February 12, 2004
The Associated Press is reporting that Tower Automotive Inc. will move its frame-assembly operations for the Dodge Ram light truck from its Milwaukee, WI, manufacturing facility to Mexico. The move means that most of the 500 workers on the line will lose their jobs by the end of the 18-month transition. Novi (MI)-based Tower plans to complete the move to a joint-venture partner in Monterrey, Mexico, by mid-2005. Tower has a 40 percent equity interest in the joint venture partner, Metalsa S. de R.L., which also produces truck-frame assemblies.


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