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Ford Stamping Plant Aids in Aluminum Recycling

Wednesday, February 12, 2003
Rather than sell its recovered aluminum stamping scrap on the general scrap market, at diminished quality and value, the Ford Motor Company stamping plant in Chicago, IL, now returns the scrap back to an Alcan Inc. plant in Oswego, NY, for reuse as auto-body sheet. It’s the first “closed-loop” recycling program for aluminum sheet scrap in North America, according to an article in Aluminum Now. The Ford plant stamps 1.3 million aluminum hoods for the Explorer, F-150 and Ranger, and the Lincoln Town Car, and is the firm’s highest-volume user of aluminum sheet. To segregate the scrap, it invested $400,000 to modify its separation system.

Turck, InterlinkBT Form Turck Process Automation

Tuesday, February 11, 2003
Turck Inc., Minneapolis, MN, a supplier of control products, and InterlinkBT, Plymouth, MN, a supplier of bus network products, have formed Turck Process Automation. The partnership is designed to develop and adapt the companies’ interface, connectivity, sensing and measurement products to process automation markets. For more, visit

Finishing Suppliers Release First
of Metal Finishing Guides

Tuesday, February 11, 2003
The Metal Finishing Suppliers’ Association (MFSA), Dearborn, MI, has released Zinc, Zinc Alloy and Cadmium Coatings, the first in its series of Quality Metal Finishing Guides. The 22-page guide includes production photographs and several tables for quick reference of technical data. The series addresses several topics including surface preparation, decorative copper-nickel-chromium, decorative precious-metal plating, hard chrome, tin and alloy coatings, and pretreatment for paint and powder coatings. The guides are published to promote technically sound standards and specifications for use by design engineers and buyers of metal-finishing products. To purchase the guides, contact MFSA at 703/433-2524.


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