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Lear Announces Six-Percent Layoff

Monday, February 11, 2002
Automotive-parts maker Lear Corp., Southfield, MI, announced last week that it would cut 6500 jobs, some six percent of its workforce, and close 21 sites worldwide. Of the sites scheduled for shuttering, 16 are in North and South America and will affect 9500 jobs (Lear expects to create 3000 new jobs this year, for a net reduction of 6500). Lear, which builds seats, interiors and electrical components, had previously reported a 32-percent drop in fourth-quarter 2001 profits.

ne Trail Installs Automated Tube-Fab System

Friday, February 8, 2002
Koyo Corp., Battle Creek, MI, has received shipment of a fully automated Flexbending system from ne Trail Technologies, Inc., Fort Loramie, OH. The system combines tube loading and bending, robot-integrated end forming and tube unloading in one cell. Learn more about Flexbending cells at

AWS Publishes new ANSI Welding Documents

Friday, February 8, 2002
Three new standards from the American Welding Society, Miami, FL, outline the latest welding terms, measurements and qualification requirements. The official document titles: Standard Welding Terms and Definitions, Metric Practice Guide for the Welding Industry, and Specification for the Qualification of Welding Engineers. For prices and order info, surf to


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