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Coil-Processing Seminar
Slated for Minneapolis in April

Tuesday, February 1, 2011
Red Bud Industries, Red Bud, IL, will host a coil-processing seminar at the Minneapolis Airport Marriott on April 5, 2011. Attendees will learn about blanking, multiblanking, leveling and slitting. Also on the agenda: the new EPS process (Eco-Picked Surface) for hot-rolled black strip, designed to replace acid-picked strip steel. According to the EPS website (, EPS-processed steel “is dry, remarkably clean and very uniform across its surface.” Among the payback for fabricators: “In controlled laser-cutting tests,” the website says, “EPS dry (no oil) achieved 62-percent speed increase over the best P & O cutting speed.” Seminar attendees also will tour Olympic Steel, Plymouth, MN, and view a Red Bud cut-to-length line in action. Learn more at

Lincoln Electric’s New Website
an Information Hub for Welding and Cutting

Wednesday, January 26, 2011
If you’re interested in welding equipment for a particular application, Lincoln Electric has made it quick and easy to find exactly what you’re looking for, thanks to enhanced navigation features on its new website. One click takes the user to a product-selection page loaded with information on power sources, wire feeders and other products, and a “Narrow Your Results” filtering menu then zeros in on the products needed for a particular application based on a set of specifications including process capability and maximum output. Visitors also can log in to register with the site, and develop a customized experience. Check it out at

AWS Welding Handbook Available for Download

Wednesday, January 26, 2011
The American Welding Society (AWS), Miami, FL, now offers individual chapters of Volumes 1 through 4 of its Welding Handbook as downloadable files from its publications website. These four chapters cover Welding Science and Technology; Welding Processes, Parts 1 and 2; and Materials and Applications, Part 1. Price: $20/chapter for non-AWS member, $15/chapter for members. More at


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