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Tube Fabricator Adds New Bender, Inspection Machine

Wednesday, December 9, 2009
Harco Metal Products, Tempe, AZ, a supplier of fabricated tubular components and assemblies, has upgraded its capabilities by acquiring a Wafios BMZ 42 tube bender and an Accurex TubeInspect HD inspection machine. The Wafios bender ( forms tube to 12.7-mm dia. by 1-mm wall thickness, and wire to 8-mm dia. Its bending head enables left and right bending operations in one clamping, for the production of complicated 2D and 3D workpieces in one pass. The Accurex 3D tube-measurement system ( employs eight overhead cameras for quick, automated inspection and includes software that provides a complete analysis of tube shape and profile to deliver direct feedback to CNC bending machines for quick correction of out-of-specification parts. Harco is online at

Ontario to Welcome Solar-Cell Manufacturing Plant

Wednesday, December 9, 2009
Canadian Solar Inc., Kitchener, Ontario, Canada, a manufacturer of solar cells for the residential and commercial markets, has begun the site-selection and approvals process to establish a new 200-MW module-manufacturing facility in Ontario. The firm expects to hire 500 employees at the new facility, expected to be one of the largest solar-panel plants in North America;

Machine-Foundation Experts Solve
Press-Pit Challenge for Automotive Stamper

Tuesday, December 8, 2009
Progressive-die stamper and tool and die shop Wellington Industries, Belleville, MI, recently installed a 2000-ton press that required a unique foundation solution. When preconstruction soil testing revealed a water-soaked sand base insufficient to support the 1 million-lb. press, machine-foundation and press-pit experts Delta Industrial, Chesterfield, MI, excavated the site to remove the sandy soil. The 22-ft.-deep excavation project required support by 30-ft. steel pilings; Delta pumped water from the pit through six well points. Then, after allowing the ground to dry, Delta used an epoxy-based non-shrink grout for the press pit that the firm says is five times stronger than concrete. During press installation, Delta placed four 3-ft. by 2-in.-thick leveling base plates atop the foundation, 20 ft. apart, that were within 0.001 in. variance—no additional leveling was required. Learn more about Delta’s machine- and press-foundation design and build services at Wellington Industries is online at


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