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Service Center Adds Specialty Stainless Alloys to its Menu

Wednesday, December 5, 2012
Heyco Metals, Inc., Reading, PA, traditionally a supplier of copper-alloy products as thin as 0.0032 in. in slit coils from 0.2 to 17 in., has launched a new line of stainless-steel products. The firm now produces annealed and cold-rolled tempers up to full hard in austenitic stainless-steel alloys 301, 302, 304 and 304L, as well as T-430 ferritic grades, in slit widths from 0.2 to 13.5 in. Among its capabilities: high-temperature strand annealing, stretch-band leveling, tensionless slitting, traverse winding and roll grinding;

Michigan Service Center Adds Multiblanking Line with Stretcher-Leveler

Tuesday, December 4, 2012
Lee Steel Corp., Southfield, MI, has installed a new multiblanking line with stretcher-leveler at its service center in Wyoming, MI. The line, from Red Bud Industries, Red Bud, IL, can process material to 0.135 in. thick by 72 in. wide, and can produce blanks with width and length tolerances to plus or minus 0.005 in. Included are an automatic part diverter and part sorter;

Jersey Stamper, Armed with Green and Black Belts, Earns Medical and Aerospace Certs

Tuesday, December 4, 2012
National Manufacturing Co., Inc., Chatham, NJ, a contract manufacturer of precision deep- and shallow-drawn metal stampings and enclosures, has been registered to ISO 13485 (for the design and manufacture of medical devices) and AS9100 (the quality-management system for the aerospace industry). Spearheading the firm’s quality-management efforts is a team that includes certified Black and Green Belts, and ASQ-certified personnel. Learn more about the company and its lean-manufacturing and Six-Sigma initiatives at


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