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Robot Integrator Genesis Expands

Friday, December 27, 2013
Genesis Systems Group, Davenport, IA, has announced a $4.6 million expansion. The robotic-system integrator will renovate an additional 61,000-sq.-ft. building to add capacity, and plans to hire an additional nine employees. More at

Draw-Iron Operations Earn Accolades for Aerosol Can

Thursday, December 26, 2013
Packaging manufacturer Tubex has earned a Can of the Year Award for an aerosol can produced on a Schuler Icon V-drive vertical can-forming machine. Tubex received the award at The Canmaker Summit in Scotland. The award-winning can measures 50 mm in diameter and has rounded shoulders. Compared to forming the can using a conventional impact-extrusion process, the Schuler machine results in a thinner wall that reduces material consumption by 20 percent. Here’s more information about the Cans of the Year Awards.

Keco Coatings Gains Second DuPont License

Friday, December 20, 2013
As one of only 26 U.S. companies carrying the DuPont Licensed Industrial Applicators title, Keco Coatings, Indianapolis, IN, announced that it has been granted a second license by DuPont. Keco now can apply DuPont Teflon industrial coatings at its plant in Statesville, NC. The NC Statesville facility, opened in 2008, has recently undergone extensive expansion and welcomed new equipment;


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