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New Website for Chrome Plater

Wednesday, December 22, 2010
Empire Hard Chrome, Inc., Chicago, IL, has launched a new and improved website at loaded with fascinating before and after photos, and featuring a slew of useful information on all of the appropriate finishing and plating choices. Information is organized in two s—by application or type of item to be plated (such as production component, die component, etc.), or by finishing option. Empire offers a proprietary hard-chrome process, PTFE-infused hard chrome, moly-difulside-infused hard chrome, tin and other processes.

Pipe Maker Adds Tension Stand,
Rewind Reel for Oscillate-Wound Coils

Wednesday, December 22, 2010
Coe Press Equipment, Sterling Heights, MI, has delivered a special tension stand and rewind reel for oscillate-wound coils to the Tyler Pipe coupling-manufacturing facility in Marshfield, MO. The rewind reel handles coils to 4000 lb and up to 12 in. wide; rewind speed peaks at 300 ft./min. True-radius mandrel pads on the reel help to maintain consistent pressure and coil-ID shape. The reel mounts on precision linear bearings with 12 in. of travel, for building the oscillate-wound coils; servo-driven rotation and side-to-side controls ensure precise process monitoring. Learn more at; Tyler Pipe is online at

Heavy-Duty Stretcher-Leveler
Lands at Ohio Service Center

Tuesday, December 21, 2010
Universal Steel, Cleveland, OH, has installed a high-strength stretcher-leveler from Butech, Bliss, Salem, OH, rated for material to ¾ in. thick by 74 in. wide, in lengths to 700 in. The unit boasts more than 3 million pounds of stretching force to flatten sheet in preparation for plasma and laser cutting and shearing. Because the workpiece material is left with no residual memory, processing problems related to warping or springback are eliminated. View a video demonstration of the line at; learn more about material-processing technology from Butech Bliss at


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