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Plex Receives $30 Million in Venture Capital

Wednesday, December 19, 2012
Plex Systems, Auburn Hills, MI, provider of Plex Online cloud-based ERP services, has received a $30-million strategic investment from venture-capital and growth-equity firm Accel Partners. Says Accel partner Sameer Gandhi: “Plex Systems represents an opportunity to help move a highly complex and diverse industry—manufacturing—to the next computing platform, based in the cloud. We believe the manufacturing ERP market represents at least a $5-billion opportunity, and that less than 10 percent of the market has transitioned to SaaS so far.” More at

Electrolux Installs New Lube-Mixing and Reclamation System in Memphis

Wednesday, December 19, 2012
Industrial Innovations, Wyoming, MI, has installed its Double Pro-Mix 5 lubricating system in the pressroom of the new Electrolux North American Cooking Products plant in Memphis, TN, slated to start production in early 2013. The lubricant-mixing system, which can mix two different lubricants simultaneously, will feed seven Spra-Rite pedestal lubricant-application units. Included is a lubricant-recycling system for filtering dirt particles and eliminating tramp oils. Here’s information on the Pro-Mix line of machines.

Robot-Safety Seminars Headed South

Tuesday, December 18, 2012
The Robotic Industries Association will hold robot-safety seminars in Orlando, FL (February 26), Tanner, AL (March 5) and Apex, NC (April 9). Seminars focus on the R15.06 Robot Safety Standard, newly updated in 2012. Learn more and register to attend here.


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