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Virtual Passenger-Car Optimization Reduces Mass
by 15-20 Percent, Without Compromises

Wednesday, December 15, 2010
A joint project of the U.S. Automotive Materials Partnership and Auto/Steel Partnership to use computer modeling to optimize use of advanced-high-strength steels in a vehicle passenger compartment illustrates no-compromise lightweighting by as much as 20 percent. The model, which calls for new load paths (transverse tubes that directly absorb side-impact forces) within the front seat, simultaneously optimizes geometry, grade and gauge. An important note: not only were researchers able to considerably reduce mass without compromising structural integrity, but they also achieved cost parity—“We used a higher grade of steel, but we used less,” says project co-chair Joe Polewarczyk. More at and

Steel-Service Center Adds
Third Robotic-Cutting Cell

Monday, December 13, 2010
AT&F Steel, Cleveland, OH, a steel-service center and provider of custom metal-fabricating services, has installed its third robotic-cutting system. The new setup boasts contour-beveling capabilities via a six-axis torch-wielding robot (plasma or oxyfuel) and a laser-guided camera system. Cutting speed peaks at 300 in./min, with beveling from 0 to 60 deg. Cutting table: 13 by 50 ft. More at

Provider of Coil-Processing Systems
Sets Up Shop in Brazil

Friday, December 10, 2010
Delta Brands Inc. (DBI), Irving, TX, a designer and builder of custom coil-processing lines, cut-to-length lines, slitting, shearing and other systems, has established a sales and service center in Itajai, Santa Catarina, Brazil. The location will provide sales, marketing, engineering services, and after-sales and spare-parts support. DBI specializes in lines able to run high-strength carbon steel in thicknesses from 0.060 to 1 in., and widths from 24 to 96 in.;


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