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Seminars tackle Total Machine Safety

Tuesday, November 9, 2010
Ross Controls, Troy, MI, offers an updated curriculum for its Total Machine Safety seminar—designed for maintenance supervisors and technicians, safety engineers and managers, and engineering managers—with new material addressing hydraulic safety methods, in addition to its coverage of electrical and pneumatic safety methods. The seminar, which explains how to integrate safeguarding early in the machine-design process, covers hazard and risk assessment, integration of safety devices, lockout/tagout, and pneumatic, hydraulic and electrical components. The schedule: December 6-7, 2010, York, PA; January 18, 2011, Pittsburgh, PA; and January 20-21, Cleveland, OH. More at

Redesigned Coe Website a Bonanza
for Coil-Feeding System Shoppers

Tuesday, November 9, 2010
From the rolling scroll bar atop the homepage, flush with photos of coil-handling and feeding products and systems, to the treasure trove of downloadable assets including literature, how-to articles and order forms, the new Coe Press Equipment website features a clean new design, efficient navigation cues and upgraded content. Visit the site,, to gain a thorough update on the latest in roll feeds, straighteners, reels, cradles and air feeds, as well as complete integrated feed-line systems.

Lincoln Electric Partners to Provide
Hybrid Laser-GMA Welding

Friday, November 5, 2010
IPG Photonics Corp., Oxford, MA, a provider of high-power fiber lasers and amplifiers, and Lincoln Electric Holdings, Inc., Cleveland, OH, a manufacturer of arc welding and cutting products, have formed a strategic partnership to explore global opportunities in the high-power laser welding and cutting market. Under the agreement, the two companies will seek to provide expanded turnkey hybrid fiber laser-gas metal arc welding solutions to industrial customers around the world. The partnership also will encompass cooperative sales, application development and marketing efforts. More at IPG is online at


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