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Companies Collaborate to Develop
Open Protocol for Safety Communications

Thursday, November 7, 2002
Sick Inc., Rockwell Automation and Omron Corp. are collaborating on the development of an open protocol for safety communications. The automation and machine-safety companies are working together to devise a protocol based on the existing standard protocol found in DeviceNet and Ethernet/IP networks, allowing safety devices to communicate seamlessly across these networks to other safety devices without additional programming. The feature is expected to be realized without the need for expensive safety-specific hardware such as gates and bridges. Additional benefits, according to Sick officials, include network design flexibility as well as simplified training and maintenance. For more information, visit

Burlington Automation Acquires
New Automation Assets

Thursday, November 7, 2002
Burlington Automation Corp. (BAC), Burlington, Ontario, Canada, announced the purchase of all assets, drawings, intellectual property and the NAC trademark from New Automation Corp. Theo Somers has been appointed as general manager of the group originating from the acquisition. BAC designs and builds custom automation machinery for the structural-steel industry and also produces tube-mill secondary-finishing equipment. For more, visit

Vibro/Dynamics to Distribute
Nivell AG Products in North America

Wednesday, November 6, 2002
Vibro/Dynamics Corp., Broadview, IL, has obtained exclusive rights to distribute the Nivell AG line of machinery-mounting products in North America. Included are Nivell SK and GS wedge mounts, designed for small machine tools, and DK mounts designed to securely anchor mounts to a floor or foundation. For more, visit


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