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Dorner Conveyors CE Certified

Tuesday, November 05, 2013
Dorner Manufacturing, Hartland, WI, announced that all six of its belt-conveyor platforms have been CE certified for operation in North America. The certification ensures products imported into EU nations meet health, safety and environmental standards. Adding CE certification for North America ensures global uniformity among products, including those used in Canada, Mexico and the United States. Learn more at

Victor Opens Plasma-Cutting R & D Center

Tuesday, November 05, 2013
West Lebanon, NH is the home of a new 50,000-sq.-ft. Plasma Design Center launched by Victor Technologies, St. Louis, MO. The new facility employs 75 people and includes a research and development lab, an application lab, a classroom and a demonstration facility with cutting tables for hands-on training. Also onsite is a global technical support and service center, and pilot production lines. Learn more at

California Stamping and Tool-Die Companies Unite

Thursday, October 31, 2013
Contract metalformer HFC Fabrications, Sun Valley, CA, a subsidiary of Hollywood Film Co. and manufacturer of the Brite Shot lighting fixture used for moviemaking, has acquired Clark Tool & Die and Stamping Co. (CTD), Chatsworth, CA.  CTD designs and builds progressive, compound, transfer, blanking and forming dies, and also operates automated high-speed presses from 10 to 90 tons; HFC performs sheetmetal-fabricating (CNC turret press, press brakes etc.), precision machining, and welding and assembly, and supplies short-run to high-volume stampings;


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