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Expanded-Metal Supplier Forms Trucking Company

Tuesday, November 22, 2005
Expanded Solutions, LLC, Oklahoma City, OK, has formed its own trucking company, Expanded Logistics Solutions, LLC, in an effort to rein in high transportation costs. “Because of the Department of Transportation change in hours-of-service rules and elevated fuel cost, transportation has become an alarmingly high part of our cost of doing business,” explains Vic Johnston, Expanded Solutions manager of logistics. “The formulation of a separate company with the authority to haul for hire will enable us to back-haul all of our own steel and also the inbound freight for others.” Expanded Solutions provides expanded metals, security mesh, mini-mesh and expanded grating to North American customers via manufacturing plants in Oklahoma City and Wewoka, OK.

Robots, Robots, Robots in North America

Monday, November 21, 2005
North American robotics companies are on pace for a record year in 2005, with orders by North American manufacturing companies up 30 percent in the first nine months. The Robotic Industries Association reports that through September, 14,840 robots, valued at $913.3 million, have been ordered by North American manufacturing companies. The biggest growth areas, according to RIA officials, have been for robots used in material-handling applications (up 45 percent), welding (up 37 percent) and spot welding (up 19 percent). The automotive industry, traditionally the largest employer of robots, has increased its orders by 44 percent thus far in 2005. “We expect that the final year-end numbers will set a record for total robots ordered, eclipsing the mark set in 1999, and will come close to a record in terms of revenue,” says Donald A. Vincent, RIA executive vice president. Those words reflect the push by North American manufacturers to adopt high-tech methods to stave off overseas competition, and also show that robotic technology is becoming more affordable.

Bettcher Amherst Earns ISO Recertification

Thursday, November 17, 2005
Metal stamper Bettcher Amherst Metal Stamping, Cleveland, OH, recently passed its ISO 9001-2000 quality inspection for recertification. The firm produces four-slide and multi-slide parts, deep-drawn stampings and large transfer-die stampings. It’s online at


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