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Cleaning Technologies Group Acquired, Now an LLC

Tuesday, November 21, 2006
NM Group Global, LLC, Tiffin, OH, and Alpha Capital Partners, Ltd., Chicago, IL, have acquired a majority interest in Cleaning Technologies Group (CTG), LLC, Cincinnati, OH, a manufacturer of parts-cleaning and waste-minimization equipment and services. The transaction includes the two operating divisions of CTG, Ransohoff of Cincinnati and Backstone-Ney Ultrasonics of Jamestown, NY. As a result, CTG adopted an LLC strcutre. NM Group Global ( is a manufacturer of cold-formed parts and fasteners, with service centers and sales offices throughout the world. CTG is online at

Toyota Brewing a Little Texas Tea

Friday, November 17, 2006
Today is the day, Friday, November 17, when the first Toyota Tundra (officially available for sale) rolls off the line at the new 2.2-million-sq.-ft. plant in San Antonio, TX. The Texas plant and its 21 onsite suppliers will eventually employ 4100 people, according to Toyota. The suppliers will provide some 70 percent of the parts used in the Tundras, and 50 percent of the value of parts in each truck. Since Toyota announced its intentions to build in south Texas, more than 25 manufacturing operations have moved to the area or expanded existing facilities. Most notable among them is aircraft manufacturer Sino Swearingen Aircraft Corp., which a few months ago announced plans to build a new $20 million facility at the San Antonio International Airport and eventually create 850 new jobs. And, San Antonio Mayor Phil Hardberger says that among the companies actively considering establishing operations in San Antonio, 40 percent have manufacturing potential.

Lincoln Acquires British Consumables Supplier

Friday, November 17, 2006
Lincoln Electric Holdings, Inc., Cleveland, OH, acquired Metrode Products Limited, headquartered near London, England. The firm manufactures specialty welding consumables for the process and power-generation industries. Lincoln Electric is online at


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