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Forecast Calls for a Healthy
U.S. Welding Market

Tuesday, November 15, 2011
Freedonia Group is forecasting 6.4 annual increases through 2015 for demand in the United States for welding equipment and consumables. Among end-use markets for welding equipment and consumables, Freedonia projects annual growth of 6.2 percent for manufacturing applications, 11.0 percent for construction, 6.2 percent for energy and power generation, and 6.8 percent for repair and maintenance. For more information on the study, “Welding Equipment and Consumables,” visit

Erasteel Opens New PM Facility

Tuesday, November 15, 2011
High-speed steel manufacturer Erasteel, based in France and operating in North America in Boonton, NJ, has inaugurated a new gas-atomizing tower at its plant in Sweden. The investment supports sales growth of the firm’s power-metallurgy alloys;

Aida Installs World’s Largest
Servo Transfer Press

Friday, November 11, 2011
Automotive supplier Kamtek, a Cosma company (formerly Ogihara) located in Birmingham, AL, has installed what is reportedly the world’s largest servo transfer press, a 3000-ton Aida model. The press, which boasts a 236 by 98-in. bolster, is driven by four servo motors providing 30 strokes/min. in normal operation and 35 strokes/min. in “pendulum mode,” where the slide does not cycle for the entire stroke. More at


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