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H&H Tooling Moves to Ohio

Thursday, October 9, 2003
H&H Tooling, a maker of bend tooling for rotary and press bending machines, has moved from Denver, CO, to the corporate headquarters of its parent company, Pines Manufacturing, Westlake, OH. Pines reports that the move allows it to locate its bend-tooling division in the same facility as its bender manufacturing operation, thus streamlining service and increasing efficiency. H&H Tooling provides bend tooling for standard and customized applications. With the move, H&H will continue maintaining its stocked linkage and mandrel program and also will continue to offer its Bend School. For more, visit

Dadco Upgraded to ISO 9001:2000

Thursday, October 9, 2003
Dadco, Inc., Plymouth, MI, a supplier of nitrogen gas springs and related products, has earned a quality-system upgrade to ISO 9001:2000. For more on Dadco offerings, visit

Hill Engineering Expands Tool-and-Die Shop

Wednesday, October 8, 2003
Hill Engineering, a Formtek Group company, is adding new equipment and more than doubling the size of its tool-and-die shop in Danville, KY. An 8000-sq.-ft. addition is under construction, set to house a new wire-EDM machine, high-speed CNC milling machine, radial drill press and monorail system as well as worktables and die racks. The new equipment joins a recently acquired Mattison grinder featuring a 24 by 60-in. table. The reason for the addition: Hill Engineering has grown from three employees in 1988 to 21 today. The shop’s main focus is maintaining tooling for the Dana Victor-Reinz plant, also in Danville.


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