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RLA Associates Closes its Doors—
Has Fourslide Machines for Sale

Friday, October 31, 2003
Ralph L. Anastasio, president of RLA Associates, Inc., West Haven, CT, has announced his retirement and the shuttering of RLA. The firm reconditioned and rebuilt wire-working machinery for resale, and specialized in rebuilding of and tooling for fourslide wire and strip formers, and wire-straightening and cutoff machines. The firm is selling its inventory of machines and replacement parts. For more information, call Auctions Worldwide: 203/878-7470.

Co-Line Adds Laser Processing to its Resume

Thursday, October 30, 2003
Metalformer Co-Line Welding, Inc., Sully, IA, has installed a six-axis 3D and flat laser-processing system from Mazak. The laser cell compliments the firm’s capabilities for tool design, robotic welding and assembly, as well as its 11 stamping presses, from 60 to 500 tons. Learn more at

Plexus to Install Software for 17-Plant Customer

Wednesday, October 29, 2003
The 17 North American facilities of EaglePicher Automotive will soon begin implementing a comprehensive Web-based enterprise-business software package from Plexus Systems, Clarkston, MI. The software will include conventional enterprise-resource-planning (ERP) functions such as purchasing, sales, accounting and shipping, as well as shop-floor data collection, quality management, EDI and maintenance functions. EaglePicher Automotive, through its Hillsdale and Wolverine divisions, supplies torsional and linear vibrational dampers, micro bypass filters, steering knuckles, pump components and coated metallic and paper gasketing;


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