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Plexus to Install Software for 17-Plant Customer

Wednesday, October 29, 2003
The 17 North American facilities of EaglePicher Automotive will soon begin implementing a comprehensive Web-based enterprise-business software package from Plexus Systems, Clarkston, MI. The software will include conventional enterprise-resource-planning (ERP) functions such as purchasing, sales, accounting and shipping, as well as shop-floor data collection, quality management, EDI and maintenance functions. EaglePicher Automotive, through its Hillsdale and Wolverine divisions, supplies torsional and linear vibrational dampers, micro bypass filters, steering knuckles, pump components and coated metallic and paper gasketing;

Minnesota Mfg. Assoc. Elects new Officers

Tuesday, October 28, 2003
The Minnesota Precision Manufacturing Association, Plymouth, MN, elected these officers at its annual meeting on Oct. 16: Jan Meier, Meier Tool & Engineering, as president; Robert Mars III, W.P.& R.S. Mars, as vice president; Mike Neeley, Technology Reps, as treasurer; and Bruce Hanson, Andrew Tool, as secretary. Meier plans to focus, she says, on three key issues: educating the industry to better understand foreign competition, educating the public on the impact that manufacturing has on our economy, and workforce development and recruitment. For more, visit

Keats Acquires Stamper’s Assets

Monday, October 27, 2003
Keats Manufacturing Co., Wheeling, IL, and Keats Southwest, El Paso, TX, have acquired the assets of Rio Grande Tool and Stamping, also of El Paso. Previously, the two Keats facilities focused solely on fourslide and multislide stamping and wireforming. The acquisition of Rio Grande machinery, including 12 Minster, Bliss and Niagara presses, will expand their capabilities, allowing them to perform punch-press work in capacities to 100 tons. The majority of the equipment is slated for install at Keats Southwest.


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