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Machine-Tool Consumption Off 24.7 Percent

Friday, October 18, 2002
Through August, U.S. machine-tool consumption is down 24.7 percent compared to the same period in 2001, according to AMTDA (American Machine Tool Distributors’ Association) and AMT—The Association For Manufacturing Technology. August sales registered a slight uptick, 4 percent, from July sales, but were down 33.6 percent from August 2001 sales. The hardest-hit region for the year is the northeast, off 37.8 percent from 2001 sales. Faring the best is the southern region, off only 12.8 percent from last year. View the data online at and

AWS Releases New Steel-Welding Specs

Thursday, October 17, 2002
The American Welding Society (AWS) has issued 13 revised Standard Welding Procedure Specifications (SWPS) for welding 10- through 18-gauge galvanized steel, carbon steel and austenitic stainless steel sheetmetal, in the as-welded condition, with or without backing. They outline variables for welding steel using semiautomatic gas-metal-arc welding, shielded-metal-arc welding or manual gas-tungsten welding. Also included are operating conditions necessary to fabricate the weldment. Each specification, 12 pages long, costs $180 for AWS members and $240 for nonmembers. To see a list of the new specifications or to order, visit

Stelmi To Debut Unique Chrome-Plating Process

Wednesday, October 16, 2002
Stelmi America Inc., Marshall, MI, is set to begin U.S. operations using an advanced, continuous chrome-plating process that company officials claim is new to the North American market, where batch production is typical. In producing long-length hard-chrome-plated steel bars and microfinished steel tubes, the company will perform chrome plating as a continuous process operation performed on traveling bars. Here, the bars translate and rotate one-by-one through a chrome-plating machine that fully encloses the process, without use of open vats or tanks. This method reportedly provides uniformity of plate thickness and enhanced corrosion resistance.


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