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Johnson Controls Recognizes Top Suppliers

Monday, October 13, 2008
Earlier this month, Johnson Controls, Plymouth, MI, handed out 35 awards to 33 supplier companies, to acknowledge their performance and dedication to quality. Among the recipients of Gold 2008 Supplier Performance Award winners were Automated Spring Products Inc., Grand Haven, MI, a manufacturer of custom designed compression, extension, and torsion springs, wire forms, flat springs, stampings, spring and shim washers, and assemblies (; Guelph Tool, Guelph, Ontario, Canada, a custom tool-and-die machine shop that also manufactures metal stampings, assemblies, headrest and armrest inserts, wireforms and other metal components (; Superior Roll Forming, Valley City, OH, a supplier of rollformed components and welded assemblies (; and E & E Manufacturing, Plymouth, MI, a metal-stamping company that also manufactures drawn structural extrusions and fasteners and welded assemblies ( E & E Manufacturing also received a Leadership Award for Community Partnership for its collaborative work with Johnson Controls to serve and support the local community.

Minnesota Apprentice Becomes
First NIMS-Certified Toolmaker

Thursday, October 9, 2008
Goum Tham, of Eaton Hydraulics in Minnesota, is the first apprentice in the nation to become a NIMS-Certified Toolmaker. Tham began his career at Eaton as a manufacturing technician and has earned 13 NIMS credentials since 2005. The credentials include NIMS Level II EDM and CNC, as well as NIMS Level III CNC Programming. The Eaton Hydraulics apprenticeship program is aligned with the NIMS National Guideline Standards for Apprenticeship, and is registered with the Minnesota Department of Labor and Industry. For further information about NIMS Credentials or the NIMS Competency-Based Apprenticeship program for Toolmaking, Stamping Press Set-up and Operation, Machine Maintenance and several machining skills, contact Dave Sansone or Bruce Broman at PMA: 216/901-8800.

Japanese Automotive Supplier
to Open Kentucky Plant

Wednesday, October 8, 2008
The Japanese company FTS Co., Ltd., and its U.S. subsidiary Fuel Total Systems California Corp., Lathrup, CA, will construct a new 140,000-sq.-ft. plant in Lebanon, KY. The plant, which expects to employ 100 people, will manufacture and supply automotive fuel-tank systems and related components. The new plant brings Kentucky’s total count of Japanese-owned facilities to 158, employing nearly 40,000 people.


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