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Wisconsin Short-Run Stamper Expands in NC

Monday, January 9, 2006
Dynamic Stampings Inc., Sussex, WI, a short-run stamper specializing in production lots of 50 to 50,000, has opened a plant in Chapel Hill, NC, named Dynamic Stampings of North Carolina. It will service the firm’s customers in the Carolinas as well as in Georgia and Virginia. Learn more at

Fork Standards Inc. Has New Name

Monday, January 9, 2006
Now offering much more than just precision tuning-fork standards, as it did when founded nearly 50 years ago, Fork Standards Inc., Lombard, IL, has a new name to emphasize its evolution. The firm, now called FSI Technologies, provides machine-vision products, services and engineering support for automatic-inspection and robot-guidance applications. Further, its ECS division supplies optical rotary-shaft encoders, photoelectric sensors and more. It’s online at

Millennium Steel Texas to Implement
New Production and Inventory-Tracking Software

Friday, January 6, 2006
As a new on-site supplier to the Toyota facility under construction in San Antonio, TX, Millennium Steel Texas (MST) will have a coil and blank warehouse of some 223,000 sq. ft. To help manage its inventory tracking as well as to monitor plant-floor production, MST, which will provide steel-blanking services to produce the Toyota Tundra pickup truck, will employ AIM Enterprise software from Aim Analytical LLC, Napoleon, OH. The software will interface through MST’s Opentrac ERP system. Full implementation is scheduled for 3rd quarter 2007. Learn more about the software at


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