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ATR-Strothmann Shuttle and Lifter
Slated for DaimlerChrysler Destacker

Wednesday, January 7, 2004
The MagShuttle SRE 2/300 linear-induction-motor shuttle and lifter, from ATR-Strothmann, Cambridge, Ontario, Canada, has been ordered for use in a DaimlerChrysler destacking system, to be installed this spring. The system, being integrated by High Production Technologies, Wauseon, OH, reportedly is the first destacking system in North America to use linear-induction-motor shuttle technology. The destacking system will handle both steel and aluminum blanks—in payloads to 330 lb.--at press-line speeds of 17 strokes/min. Also, the system offers automatic end-effector changeover in between die changes. ATR-Strothmann manufacturers linear and rotary robotic components and systems used in various material-handling processes. For more, visit

ne Metals Earns Supplier Recognition

Tuesday, January 6, 2004
Navistar/International Truck and Engine Corp. has selected metal fabricator and finisher ne Metals, LLC, Markle, IN, a Diamond Supplier for the year 2003. ne Metals has supplied International since the 1940s. It offers wet-coat and powder-coat finishing, laser- and plasma-arc cutting, press-brake bending, turret-punch work, robotic welding and assembly services.

Lempco Under New Ownership

Monday, January 5, 2004
Connell Limited Partnership, Boston, MA, has purchased Cleveland (OH) -based Lempco Industries, a manufacturer of die sets and die-set supplies. Other Connell-owned businesses include Wabash Alloys, Yuba Heat Transfer and Danly IEM. Lempco will be consolidated into the Danly IEM business.


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