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Pax Products Expands its Website

Thursday, January 3, 2008
Loaded with new product information and photos, the website of Pax Products has been expanded to provide visitors with more details on its stock and die lubrication systems, part and scrap conveyors, die doors and other products such as feed-progression sensors, part basket deflectors and die-wash systems. Also visit the site,, to learn about the company’s history and facilities and obtain a list of its worldwide distributors.

Coil-Coating Companies Consolidate

Wednesday, January 2, 2008
Four companies offering coil-coating services around the country have consolidated into a single entity—Metal Coaters—to combine core resources and functions and provide customers with enhanced efficiencies and expanded product offerings, company officials said. The four companies: Doublecoat, Metal Coaters of California, Metal Coaters of Georgia, and Metal Prep. The unified Metal Coaters, with headquarters in Houston, TX, operates five production facilities—Rancho Cucamonga, CA; Marietta, GA; Jackson, MS; Memphis, TN; and Houston. The facilities offer a variety of coatings, including polyesters, silicone-modified polyesters, fluorocarbons and plastisols;


Tuesday, December 25, 2007
The staffs of MetalForming magazine and the Precision Metalforming Association wish you and yours a joyous and safe holiday season, and a healthy and prosperous New Year. Hot off the Press, your daily source for news of the metalforming industry, returns Wednesday, January 2, 2008.


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